Newly Added Wallpaper: Spectacular Grand Prismatic Spring

The largest hot spring in the United States can be found within Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.  That hot spring happens to be the picturesque Grand Prismatic Spring and it is only smaller than two other hot springs in the entire world.

Early explorers first saw the spectacular Grand Prismatic Spring, but it did not get named until geologists were working in the area in 1871.  They chose the name from all the colors of the rainbow that they saw glistening in the waters.  Those colors change periodically throughout the year, and there are more reds and oranges during the summer, and dark greens during the winter months.

All those colors are created from different species of bacteria that thrive in hot temperatures.  That bacteria lives in the cooler water that surrounds the spring.  Within the center of all that bacteria is the bluest water a person has ever seen.

The water of the Grand Prismatic Spring travels more than a hundred feet through a crack in the Earth’s surface before it reaches the top.  That is quite some distance for the water that fills this three-hundred-seventy foot in diameter pool of magnificence.

The Grand Prismatic Spring has helped scientists for numerous years now, as the microbes that live within the water have been researched and used to make multiple medical and scientific advances.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is part of the Midway Geyser Basin, and nearby are the Excelsior Geyser, the Turquoise Pool, and the Opal Pool.  The Excelsior Geyser is quite amazing, and it erupted back in the late 1800s and again during 1985.  However, it has been quiet since that time.  Scientists are not ruling out the possibility of this geyser erupting once again, creating a massive blast that will reach high into the sky.  People can see all these amazing features as they walk across the Firehole River and along the boardwalk.

For some reason, this hot spring is not as popular as Old Faithful, but no one should miss the opportunity to visit this phenomenal area of the park.  The Grand Prismatic Spring is only a little ways north of Old Faithful, so no one will be going out of their way as they visit one of the most extraordinary natural wonders in the world.

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