How can I Turn On/Off greeting, Quote or Search Engine?

1. Click on menu icon  in the top left side corner of the page.

2.Select Settings from the Slide menu.

3.Go to Search setting from left side tab menu to Turn on/off Search Engine..

4.Go to Greeting or Quote from left side tab menu to On/off Greeting or quote.



  • I was trying to have the quotes on my mark but I did as it says above and the only thing I see in the Greetings is Show/Hide greeting which is turned on. There is nothing else there. do I have to pay to get the quote? or What ? Please let me know what I can do to get the quotes. I love ( MyMark.Me) It makes my life a lot easier to find the websites I need. thanks 5 stars.

    • Hello Janis
      We are glad you like mymark.me!
      Now we have “Quote of the day” widgets, Please go to menu then add widget then select “Quote of the day” widget.

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